ICWRN Digital Training CD

This information is based on our Digital Training CD that is located in our Tool Kit for most training sessions.  With the large amount of information passed along during the sessions, we feel that the retention level may fluctuate, therefore we add this CD to our kits to be viewed at a later date to help the learning process and longevity of all of our efforts.

Feel free to download as much of this information as you see fit, it is relevant to child-well being, our network, and our goal of giving back.


deFinney-Green-Brown [pdf]

Research-training agenda [pdf]

Indigenous Child Well-being

AboriginalLitReview [pdf]

Affirming and Promoting [pdf]

Breath of Life [pdf]

CCFSP-declarationweb [pdf]

CCFSP-declaration [pdf]

CCPA-BC-aboriginal-authority [pdf]

Fact for HR case

FN-child-well-being [pdf]

Supporting-grandparents-raising-grandchildren [pdf]

Indigenous-health-report [pdf]

Joining-hands [pdf]

Keeping-the-promise [pdf]

Lit-review-entire [pdf]

Making-our-hearts-sing [pdf]

Our-healthy-journey [pdf]

Rights-of-the-child [pdf]

UN-comments [pdf]

Vsl-lit-review [pdf]

Indigenous resources on-line






Practice standards

Kinosao-Sipi-Minisowin-Agency [pdf]

KKCFC-level-15-practice-standards [pdf]

KUN-promisin-practice [pdf]

Literature-review [pdf]

Practice-standards [pdf]

Touchwood-agency [pdf]

WFS-promising-practices [pdf]

Research ethics

AREI-February-2008 [pdf]

CIHR-guidelines [pdf]

Ethics-guidelines-metis [pdf]

FNC-conceptualframeworks [pdf]

FNC-considerationtemplates [pdf]

FNC-OCAP-critical-analysis [pdf]

FNC-privacy-toolkit [pdf]

FNC-OCAP [pdf]

igovprotocol [pdf]

Interviewing-elders [pdf]

Inuktituk-research [pdf]

KKTC-code-of-ethics [pdf]

MC-need-assesment [pdf]

M-needs-assesment-guide-for-metis [pdf]

NH-research-and-research-policy [pdf]

NTC-protocols-and-principles [pdf]

Tri-Council-policy-statment [pdf]



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University of Victoria: Human & Social Development
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