Youth Voices and Research

At the ICWRN, we believe that our youth represent a resilient legacy of indigenous customs traditions and cultural longevity.  We provide platforms created through academic research methodologies focusing  on showcasing youth voices with hopes of creating safe environments to nurture our future leaders.

Funded Youth Projects:

Indigenous Youth Leadership  and Culture Focus Group

August, 2011

The goal of this focus group is to discuss the definition of Indigenous Leadership and if culture is an important component to leadership.  We are interested to hear how you see young indigenous people within leadership roles and/or places.

This focus group is a joint project with BC Association of Friendship Centres, Caring for First Nations Children Society, Metis Nation, and the ICWRN.

Our focus is as follows:

  • How do you define Indigenous leadership?
  • How do you define culture?
  • What is the role of Indigenous youth in leadership places – in our organizations – communities – cultural places.
  • What is an effective way to ask other indigenous youth about these questions?

“Identity is huge when trying to define Indigenous people, culture and leadership – and where you classify yourself and where you find yourself at home.”       – Indigenous Youth  from the Indigenous Youth and Leadership focus Group – ICWRN.

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