Advisory Committee

The Advisory has an important role in establishing a provincial network for Indigenous child well-being research. Members of the Advisory support the vision of a provincial network and support the evolvement of community based research relevant to our diverse Indigenous communities. Advisors will be representative of different territories and regions and provide the network with valuable insight to ensure there is equitable access to research resources as the need arises. The function of the advisory is to promote, advise and liaise to community, agencies and institutes in the following areas:

  • Promote a provincial network to guide the vision of an Indigenous Child Well-Being Research Institute.
  • Be the liaison between community, agency and institute to identify priority research areas.
  • Advise the Steering Committee to prioritize research topic areas.
  • Be the liaison for communities, agencies and institutes to strengthening the role of Indigenous child well-being research.
  • Be the liaison for attaining and disseminating community research projects requested by community.

Members of the Advisory

Members of the Advisory Board bring to the network their thoughtful, honest and unique perspectives and act as a sounding board for the Principal Investigator and Project Manager and provide advice about research topics, ethics, protocols and strategies. Most importantly, advisors bring to the project their unique expertise about ways in which our communities and families could utilize institutional research methods to enrich and improve Indigenous communities.

Vancouver Foundation
University of Victoria: Human & Social Development
Univeristy of Victoria