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MCFD Training Session #1

Duncan Training Session

Prince Rupert Training Session

Burnaby Training Session

Kelowna training trailer

The Fish Soup for the Indigenous Soul and the ICWRN hold training sessions in Kelowna B.C. this July. Shanne and Catherine had a great time presenting with Jennifer Lewis-Houde

Tsawout Training Film

The  ICWRN co-facilitated the Tsawout Training Sessions this July with the Tsawout Nation on Vancouver Island.  The theme for the two day learning and teaching began with a kind and generous dinner with Tsawout Elders, facilitators and youth who all

Gathering and Sharing Wisdom Conference 2009

In 2009, Indigenous Child Well-Being Research Network brought together front-line workers, First Nations peoples, Inuit and Metis individuals, families and communities…

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Dr. Kyllie Cripps

Dr. Cripps is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Law, UNSW.  Over the past 15 years, Dr. Cripps has workded extensively in the areas of family violence, sexual assault and child abuse with Indigenous communities, defining areas of need

Shelly Johnson

In October 2011, Shelly Johnson successfully defended a PhD dissertation titled I Screamed Internally for a Long Time…

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