Conference Materials

At the Indigenous Child Well-Being Research Network Provincial Conference: Gathering and Sharing Wisdom, presenters, delegates, Elders and Youth shared presentations and resource materials with through workshops and keynote presentations.

When using resources in your own presentations, articles or works please be sure to give credit to the author. If you require more information about an author of a particular resource, please contact us. Full abstracts are also available here for more information.

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Presentation Materials

The following power point presentations have been converted into PDF format.

Cheryl Williams, M.S.W.

Re-Thinking “It Takes a Community To Raise a Child” [pdf] This is a great resource for facts around the native communities in Canada and the devastating affects that colonization has manifested within the family unit.

Heidi Hebditch & Donna Bone

Ktunaxa – kinbasket [pdf] Signs of Safety: Recognizing and building strength and safety with Aboriginal families in crisis.

This presentation examines the story of the Islands Of Safety process from the point of view of the stakeholders, including adult family members, Islands of Safety staff, and Ministry child protection workers. Each of these stakeholders has somewhat different interests in the process, and these interests overlap in useful and purposeful ways.

Cathy Richardson and Allan Wade

Islandsofsafety [pdf] A Safety Planning Model for Urban Aboriginal and Metis Families in Cases of Violence.

This resource explains various forms of violence, how to recognize it, and how to find solutions around it’s fall-out. 

Nota Bene Consulting Group – Linda Lucas

Aopsi: Caring for First Nations Society [pdf]

Nota Bene Consulting Group
Starting from a Traditional Place: The AOPSI Practice Standards Redesign.

This resource examines the Aboriginal Operational and Practice Standards and  Indicators – AOPSI

Gwen Gosek

Healing and Empowerment through Remembering Research through sacredtalk [pdf]

A close look at Research in the Indigenous communities and it’s impact.

Vancouver Foundation
University of Victoria: Human & Social Development
Univeristy of Victoria