MCFD Training Session #1

Duncan Training Session

Prince Rupert Training Session

Burnaby Training Session

Kelowna training trailer

The Fish Soup for the Indigenous Soul and the ICWRN hold training sessions in Kelowna B.C. this July.  Shanne and Catherine had a great time presenting with Jennifer Lewis-Houde from the Okanagan Nation Alliance.  The traditional two day session talked extensively about research and how to better the policies and procedures to help strengthen our communities.

The kelowna trailer has been edited, but the larger film will take a few more weeks to create, as the content needs to be extracted from roughly 8 hours of footage.

…I have never witnessed such a great bunch of people willing to courageously share about topics that bring floods of emotion at any given time.  The interviews I received had tears and laughter and a lasting impression that change is inevitable  –

Videographer and editor Kelly Seaman ICWRN


Tsawout Training Film

The  ICWRN co-facilitated the Tsawout Training Sessions this July with the Tsawout Nation on Vancouver Island.  The theme for the two day learning and teaching began with a kind and generous dinner with Tsawout Elders, facilitators and youth who all joined with the ICWRN to create a healthy and caring environment for the days to come.

Dr. Jacquie Green

Project Manager:

PH.D, BSW, MPA, Director, School of Social Work, University of Victoria

Video from the University’s “Faces of UVIC Research.”

Jacquie Green:



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Dr. Leslie Brown

Leslie Brown, a smiling member of the ICWRN

Dr. Leslie Brown, PhD

Special Advisor to the Provost on Community Engagement.  Director, Institute for Studies & Innovation in Community-University Engagement – University of Victoria.

Leslie’s research practice has two major and intersecting themes – child welfare and Indigenous communities. In addition, she is currently working on a project exploring the relationship between sex workers and their families. Leslie also teaches research in the Indigenous Masters of Social Work program and is the co-editor of Research as Resistance: Critical, Indigenous and Anti-Oppressive Approaches. Of settler ancestry, she has lived on the territory of the Lekwammen people for 30 years.



“Honour is given to all who are a part of this change.”- Dr. Leslie Brown – ICWRN

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Dr. Jeannine Carrière

Associate Professor, School of Social Work, University of Victoria.

Jeannine is Métis originally from the Red River area of southern Manitoba. Her teaching experience is in areas such as Indigenous child and family services and other Indigenous content courses. Her research interests include Indigenous child and family practice and policy, Indigenous ways of knowing, mental health and decolonization for Indigenous people.

Dr. Jeannine Carrière discusses research on cultural planning, adoption and Aboriginal children, that looks at ways to keep children connected with their communities and in turn maintain their Indigenous identities.

Video from the University’s “Faces of UVIC Research.”

Jeannine Carriere:


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Shanne McCaffrey

Professor at the School of Child and Youth Care, University of Victoria.

Shanne has a background in education, law and social services. Shanne has Cree/Métis ancestry and attended the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Victoria. Her academic interests include child welfare, colonialism as a shared experience and Aboriginal community development.



McCaffrey, S. (2010) Kookum Knew…Exploring Historical Contexts: Aboriginal People, the Justice System, and Child Welfare. International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies, 1(3/4), pp. 340-347.

See abstract for above article here